MHS: Misfire Hole Stemming Clearance

SERVICES: MHS - Misfire Hole Stemming Clearance

CoreDeep is proud to be able to proclaim that the first ever South African attempt at removing stemming from charge holes was done by us.

MHS is the mechanical removal of stemming material using a combo vacuum truck. In the event that misfire identification identifies potential misfires on a bench, it is almost impossible to remove the stemming to repair the charge.

With our vacuum truck services, removing of the stemming is fast, safe and easy. By fixing the charge, misfires are eliminated contributing to safe loading of the material.

Stemming material mixed with some explosive can then safely be placed back into the blast hole.

BBM: Blast Block Material Clearance

SERVICES: BBM - Blast Block Material Clearance

CoreDeep has loaders available to assist with cleaning blast blocks on rental/service agreements.

LRD: Large Rock Drilling & Demolition

SERVICES: LRD - Large Rock Drilling and Demolition

Large rocks left after blasting creates hazardous circumstances if blasted.

Instead of creating flying debris, holes are strategically drilled into the boulders and injected with an expanding compound cracking open and breaking the boulders.

The result is zero debris and manageable material.

BBP: Blast Block Preparation & Deconstruction

SERVICES: BBP - Blast Block Preparation and Deconstruction

Placement and retrieval of hole savers, safety cones, contraband boxes, mandatory signage and bunting .

The savers can be rented from the company as part of the preparation services we provide.

Hole savers are made with virgin HDPE which makes it recyclable when damaged.

Recovery also includes the moving of mandatory signage, contraband boxes, 1.8m cones and demarcation.

O-PIT: O-Pit Blast managed in cooperation with Vision Valley Technologies (PTY)LTD

ICON - SERVICES: O-PitBlast - Topography


Topography module offers a series of tools to import and edit topography information.
ICON - SERVICES: O-PitBlast - Boreholes


Capability to create, edit and manage borehole info: critical profiles and deviation.
ICON - SERVICES: O-PitBlast - Timing


Control tie-up, blasting sequence, time histogram and blasting direction.
ICON - SERVICES: O-PitBlast - Fragmentation


Blasting fragmentation prediction and optimization. Importation of real data and Rock Factor determination.
ICON - SERVICES: O-PitBlast - Vibration


Attenuation Law generator, blasting PPV warnings in near structures and critical blasting zones.
ICON - SERVICES: O-PitBlast - Optimization


Cost reduction, pattern expansion prediction and adjustment of blast geometric parameters.